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Control and Recovery from All Winter Infections Including COVID-19

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 01/13/2021

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What Are The Benefits of Insulin Potentiation Therapy?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 01/07/2021

Insulin potentiation therapy combined with low dose chemotherapy helps you minimize chemotherapy side effects.


Conditions That Are Helped With BioTE Hormone Replacement

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 12/26/2020

Hormone replacement therapy can help hormone imbalances, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, and sleeping issues.


Six Signs You May Need Hormone Therapy

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 12/23/2020

Hormone therapy can help resolve imbalances that cause different symptoms for men and women in Grapevine, TX.


What Happens if Chronic Lyme Disease is Left Untreated?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 12/15/2020

Untreated chronic Lyme disease can lead to serious health problems in Grapevine, TX.


Learn About Five IV Therapy Treatments and How They Are Used

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 12/10/2020

IV therapy helps improve wellness and jumpstarts the body to correct deficiencies to help you feel your best.


What are the Side Effects of Hormone Therapy?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 11/20/2020

Learning possible hormone therapy side effects helps you make an informed decision for your health.


Ten Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 11/10/2020

When you think you have Lyme disease, it’s important to seek treatment to avoid serious health issues.


How Does Insulin Potentiation Therapy Differ From Chemotherapy?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 11/03/2020

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) is an innovative cancer treatment that reduces negative chemotherapy side effects and helps kill cancer cells.


What Conditions Does IV Therapy Treat?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 10/27/2020

IV therapy is used to improve wellness, jumpstart the body, and correct deficiencies.


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy Used For?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 10/20/2020

Considering hormone therapy? Learn how this modern treatment can regulate your hormone levels and boost your overall health.


Will Lyme Disease Go Away on its Own?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 10/13/2020

It’s important to seek Lyme disease treatment as it cannot go away on its own and can cause serious health problems.


What is Insulin Potentiation Therapy and How Does it Work?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 10/06/2020

Insulin potentiation therapy often helps patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Learn about IPT cancer treatment with an appointment today.


Clean Up Your Cancer Treatment!


A number of cancer types can benefit from therapeutic apheresis by removing components from human blood that can contribute to disease.


Restoring Wellness & Improving Memory, Immunity and Hormonal Health


The path to restoring wellness starts with addressing vital organ systems and reversing inflammation.


Take Back Your Health with Therapeutic Apheresis


Therapeutic Apheresis is a new and exciting treatment that is being offered at the Kotsanis Institute!


Digging Deeper | Thermography


Thermography is amazing technology that allows you to determine the root cause of your health issues up to 7 years prior to symptoms.


The Microbiome and Cancer: A Balancing Act for Optimal Health


In our microbiome, we have more bacteria than our own cells. The makeup varies depending on the host’s lifestyle.


Digging Deeper Exploring the Connection Between Personality Type and Cancer


While the polarizing qualities between Type A and Type B personalities are familiar to most people, there is another personality type.


Digging Deeper | Hormonal Horrors


Digging deeper into the hormonal horrors of everyday life.


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