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When Will I Start to See Results After Oxidative Therapy?

Our Staff | 12/29/2021

Do you have cancer or a compromised immune system? Learn about oxidative therapy and how long it takes for treatment to work on your body systems.


How To Tell If You Have A Nutritional Deficiency

Our Staff | 12/27/2021

Review this list of signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency, and find out how to restore nutrient levels.


Can IPT Be Used To Treat All Cancer Types?

Our Staff | 11/03/2021

Learn more about the benefits of IPT for treating cancer, and find out which types of cancer may respond best to this innovative therapy.


How to Determine Which Cancer Care Treatment is Best For You

Our Staff | 09/18/2021

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, our clinic provides natural and integrative treatment options. Learn about our cancer care program here.


What Is Holistic Cancer Treatment?

Our Staff | 08/21/2021

A closer look at our holistic approach to cancer therapy, which includes treatments for the patient’s body, mind, spirit, and more.


How Does Nutritional Supplementation Help With Cancer Treatment?

Our Staff | 07/25/2021

Nutritional supplementation helps patients going through cancer treatment. Learn about options like Poly-MVA and enzyme supplements at our clinic.


Does IV Therapy Help Relieve Cancer-Related Symptoms?

Our Staff | 06/22/2021

Intravenous therapy may alleviate symptoms related to cancer treatment. Discover how our approach helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.


How Long Does Nausea Last After Insulin Potentiation Therapy?

Our Staff | 05/13/2021

Insulin potentiation therapy is an alternative cancer treatment that helps treat some chemo side effects.


How to Decrease Your Risk of Getting Lyme Disease

Our Staff | 04/27/2021

Learning about Lyme disease helps you to learn how to decrease your risk of contracting it.


Five Hormone Imbalance Signs to Recognize in Men and Women

Our Staff | 04/23/2021

It’s important to understand hormone imbalance symptoms in men and women in Grapevine, TX.


Is IV Therapy A Good Weight Loss Treatment?

Our Staff | 04/15/2021

IV therapy is used to improve wellness, help patients lose weight, and correct deficiencies.


What Are Possible Side Effects of Insulin Potentiation Therapy?

Our Staff | 04/07/2021

Insulin potentiation therapy is low dose chemotherapy that serves as an alternative cancer treatment.


Four Tips to Treat Lyme Disease at Home

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 03/30/2021

Learning about Lyme disease natural treatments is helpful for treating it at home in Grapevine, TX.


Can A Hormone Imbalance Occur At Any Age?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 03/23/2021

It’s important to understand how to know if you have a hormone imbalance in Grapevine, TX.


What Type of IV Therapy is Needed For Fatigue?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 03/16/2021

IV therapy can help improve wellness and fatigue to help you feel better in Grapevine, TX.


Six Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy and How IPT Can Help

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 03/11/2021

Insulin potentiation therapy for cancer is an alternative cancer treatment that can treat chemotherapy side effects.


How is Lyme Disease Contracted?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 02/26/2021

When you think you have Lyme disease, it’s important to receive treatment that helps cure your case.


Could Your Hair Loss Be Caused by Hormone Imbalance?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 02/19/2021

Learning how to prevent hair loss due to hormonal imbalances helps patients throughout Grapevine, TX.


Can IV Therapy Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 02/12/2021

IV therapy helps improve wellness and certain medical conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, by jumpstarting the body.


Neuro-Degenerative Diseases

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 02/08/2021

What are Plasmogens, what can you do about it, and the importance of plasmogens with aging.


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