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What are the Potential Side Effects of Photodynamic Therapy

Our Staff | 06/20/2024

PDT during cancer treatment can be a compelling option for patients who can't tolerate the side effects of traditional cancer therapies.


How Often is PEMF Therapy Needed for Cancer Treatment?

Our Staff | 05/18/2024

A useful guide on PEMF therapy for cancer patients, including what it is, how it works, and how often PEMF therapy can be administered.


How Can Insulin Potentiation Enhance the Effectiveness of Cancer Treatments?

Our Staff | 04/28/2024

Among the most compelling benefits of insulin potentiation therapy for cancer patients is reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.


What Are the Benefits of Exercising with Oxygen Therapy?

Our Staff | 03/29/2024

With oxidative therapy, including EWOT, ozone immune therapy, and others, cancer patients can boost their health and wellness.


What Is the Frequency of IV Therapy Sessions During Cancer Treatment?

Our Staff | 02/25/2024

Pairing IV therapy with cancer treatment can help mitigate side effects. Find out how often IV therapy during cancer treatment may be needed.


How Does Photodynamic Therapy Differ From Chemotherapy?

Our Staff | 01/20/2024

Discover the many compelling reasons why photodynamic therapy may be a beneficial cancer treatment instead of — or in addition to — chemotherapy.


How to Navigate Cancer Remission and Remain Healthy

Our Staff | 12/24/2023

A closer look at the benefits of a functional cancer care plan for your overall well-being and quality of life during cancer remission.


What Should Patients Expect During an Insulin Potentiation Therapy Session?

Our Staff | 11/30/2023

Curious about the benefits of IPT chemotherapy? Discover what you can expect during IPT and how it may improve your cancer treatment experience.


How Often Is IV Therapy for Cancer Needed?

Our Staff | 10/27/2023

Patients undergoing cancer treatments can benefit from the energizing, immune-boosting, and other benefits of regular IV therapy.


Can Nutritional Supplementation Help Improve Energy Levels for Cancer Patients?

Our Staff | 09/30/2023

Chemotherapy, radiation, and other aspects of cancer care can deplete energy levels. Discover how nutritional supplementation can help.


What Are the Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

Our Staff | 08/07/2023

Learn more about the side effects of chemotherapy as well as holistic and alternative medicine treatments for cancer at our Grapevine, TX clinic.


How Often Is Photodynamic Therapy Needed?

Our Staff | 07/08/2023

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) works to destroy cancer cells using light and a special solution. Find out how many treatment sessions may be needed.


Is Insulin Potentiation Therapy Recommended for All Cancer Patients?

Our Staff | 06/19/2023

Insulin potentiation therapy may work as an alternative cancer treatment. Read more about our processes and whether you are a candidate at our clinic.


What Kind of Foods Should Cancer Patients Eat?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 05/29/2023

Nutritional IV therapy can help patients with the side effects associated with conventional cancer treatments. Learn about our cancer care plans here.


How Can Cancer Patients Benefit From IV Therapy?

Our Staff | 04/29/2023

IV cancer treatment may help if chemotherapy and radiation cause a weak immune system. Learn about nutritional supplementation for cancer patients.


How Long Can Oxidative Therapy Last?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 04/01/2023

Oxidative therapy provides a range of health benefits, including comprehensive immune support. Learn more about treatment from a healthcare provider.


The Importance of Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Our Staff | 02/28/2023

Are you looking for holistic cancer treatment? Learn about nutritional supplementation from a cancer care specialist and improve your quality of life.


How Do I Care for My Body After Cancer?

Our Staff | 01/30/2023

Even natural cancer treatment can cause unwanted side effects. See how options like IV therapy and nutritional supplementation improve your health.


What Type of Cancer Can be Treated With Photodynamic Therapy?

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis | 12/26/2022

Some forms of cancer can be managed with advanced solutions like photodynamic therapy. Read about PDT as a potential cancer treatment at our clinic.


How Can a Strong Immune System Protect Against Cancer?

Our Staff | 11/25/2022

A strong immune system can resist many kinds of illnesses and diseases. Learn about IV cancer treatment and how we prepare your body for the fight.


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