Control and Recovery from Viral Infections Including COVID-19

Patient Access to Supplement Suppliers


By clicking on this button on our website, patients can add themselves and gain access to the Fullscript supplement store. Otherwise, we can add patients with their email and phone number.



Patient access code: 4420


  1. At the top of the page, click BUY HERE
  2. Click Preferred Customer Program if you’d like to purchase via autoship
  3. Click Retail Customer Program if you’d like to purchase single bottles/products
  4. Click through your shipping location

Account type page:

  • If you would like to enroll as an ASEA associate, click Enroll in that box
  • If you would like to simply purchase via autoship (preferred customer) or single bottles (retail customer), click Enroll in one of those boxes
  • From either of these you will select the products you would like to buy