Control and Recovery from Viral Infections Including COVID-19

Grapevine, TX | Thermography and Breast Health | Kotsanis Institute

Watch us launch our new partnership with the Thermography Center of Dallas! This will allow us to get at the root cause to your health quicker and be able to see the function of all major organs. THERMOGRAPHY has many features such as: non-invasive, no radiation, no breast squishing, alternative screen & diagnostic method to seeing Breast Health - starting as early as 5 years old, early detection (7-10 years), same day results, also taking less than 35 minutes. For all the Men coming to the event, THERMOGRAPHY has many features from up above, but also includes: alternative screen & diagnostic method to seeing Prostate Health - myocardial alert, evaluates immune function, and pre-diabetic markers. We want to educate you and have you take back your health!