Control and Recovery from Viral Infections Including COVID-19

Tips for a Healthier Home

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  1. Wash all clothing, linens, etc. before wearing.
  2. Use laundry detergents free of scents and dyes; use ¼ cup baking soda in the last rinse cycle for fabric softener; use toilet tissue free of dyes and scents.
  3. Wash all fruits and vegetables with warm water and a small amount of Ivory dish soap before using.
  4. Substituting for household cleaners;
    1. Scouring Powder-Bon Ami
    2. Glass cleaner-1 Tbs. Vinegar to one-gallon water
    3. Furniture Polish-1 part lemon juice to 2 parts olive oil.
  5. Pest Control:
    1. Roaches-boric acid or Roach Prufe
    2. Ants-boric acid mixed with honey
    3. Kitchen Beetles-1 bay leaf in flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc. (Although these are acceptable alternatives, use precautionary measures around pets and children.)
  6. Store paints, pesticides, lighter fluid, charcoal starter, etc. in outdoor storage shed or garage.
  7. Crack open a window or open a door to ventilate while painting or cleaning until fumes are gone.


Substitutes can be found for most chemicals used in the home.


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