Control and Recovery from Viral Infections Including COVID-19

Restoring Wellness & Improving Memory, Immunity and Hormonal Health

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The path to restoring wellness starts with addressing vital organ systems and reversing inflammation. Inflammation is the common denominator for disease initiation and the eventual systemic disequilibrium of the all organ systems. This in turn will establish a beach head for chronic disease formation. Specifically, all disease initiation begins with toxic nutrition and toxic thoughts. In our modern way of living where fast foods and fast thoughts and fast life styles dominate our lives, results in the 21st Century epidemic of chronic ill health.


Our fast pace lifestyle demands efficient quick solutions. To solve any problem we must understand the steps that we must take towards desirable outcomes. As we mentioned above, inflammation is the root of all disease. The primary organ systems affected by inflammation are the digestive system, the brain, the endocrine system, the endothelial system and the detoxifying organs. The ingestion of fast foods loaded with empty calories and with low nutritional value, sets off gut inflammation which in turn promotes brain inflammation. Brain inflammation causes stress of all the hormone production and causes dysglycemia ( insulin resistance), thyroid dysfunction ( compromised mitochondrial function and low energy production) and adrenal dysfunction (high stress and decrease immunity). All these inflammatory mechanisms in turn cause macro and micro nutrient imbalances of all cells resulting in lymph stasis and impaired detoxification of toxic accumulations. Once all these undesirable events are in full swing, the lymphatic system ( the drainage system of the cells), the vascular system-endothelium system (major transporter of fluids, nutrients and toxins), and the major detoxifying organs ( liver and kidneys) are continually stressed and compromised resulting in disease formation and ill health.


Fortunately, there is a way to initiate quick health restoration by manipulating the gut-brain-endocrine-immune axis with special intravenous nutrients and oxygen. This special nutritional IV is designed to reduce and reverse inflammation expediently. Each treatment takes about one and a half hours. Most patients can expect significant reversal of symptoms within 3-5 treatments. Patients with chronic fatigue, chronic resistant infections, brain fog, memory issues, chronic neurological dysfunctions and physical trauma will benefit the most. This nutritional-oxygen therapy will make all nutritional and pharmaceutical interventions more efficient. There are no known complications of this treatment. Side effects of the treatment are transient ( fast pulse, hypoglycemia and slight dizziness) that resolve completely within a few minutes of completion of treatment. Please visit the Kotsanis Institute and our registered dietician can help you understand “a quick health recovery” by using this magnificent new nutritional intervention.



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