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Recall Healing®: “The Issues in Your Tissues”

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Behind every disease or negative behavior lurks an undiscovered emotional trauma or conflict.


Recall Healing® is about discovering the specific underlying conflict that has programmed you for disease or aberrant behavior and then clearing that conflict to help facilitate healing often resulting in remarkable results in addressing these health challenges and problematic behavioral patterns. We also assist those who want to prevent illness to identify and clear potential triggers for disease before they develop. To unlock the secrets of why we become ill, Recall Healing integrates knowledge drawn from several healing sciences, the work of great healers, several medical specialties, evidence-based scientific research, and observation of biological laws. It is a grand combination of various tools and techniques employed to facilitate the discovery process and then the clearing or “dumping process” in order to reestablish balance and allow the body to heal. It is not a panacea and is meant to be combined with whatever other conventional or alternative modalities which are appropriate for the affliction or condition being treated.


Disease is the brain’s best solution to keep the person alive for as long as possible. Therefore disease is a survival program.


Dr. Claude Sabbah, the father of Total Biology which is one of the Healing Sciences that Recall Healing® was derived from, has been quoted as saying “Disease is the brain’s best solution to keep the person alive for as long as possible. Therefore disease is a survival program.” He also said “To heal from any illness, it is necessary and (often) sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself.” Recall Healing® is based on the premise that every illness is a biological solution to an unresolved stress, not just in humans, but in all living beings. A conflict initially occurs on a psychological level. As long as the conflict remains psychological, we remain healthy on the physical level; we become ill when the conflict becomes biological. Therefore, a biological conflict is an unresolved psychological conflict expressed in the body as a biological entity.


“To heal from any illness, it is necessary and (often) sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself.”


When a conflict reaches a certain intensity where it threatens to overwhelm waking consciousness and the brain can no longer manage the body properly because of the amount of energy it is expending due to the psychological stress, it is pulled down into the body (into the biology). It is transposed by the brain in the area that corresponds to the exact tonality of the conflict; in other words, each part of the brain and each organ or tissue is impacted by specific conflicts and emotions.


Recall Healing® uses the “pyramid of health” to explain the purpose of a behavior and/or an illness. The Recall Healing® facilitator helps the client to become aware of the reason why such behavior or illness is a biological solution for their and how the “automatic brain” executes the disease program in the brain itself and in the body. Most commonly it is related to a trauma, a life time line cycle i.e. a cycle of anniversary or a biological memorized cellular cycle, a project purpose based biological conflict or a biogeneological (ancestral) conflict. During this whole process, the client with the help of the facilitator builds the puzzle of their life which allows for understanding of why all this has happened. Through the Recall Healing® process the person optimizes their chance to heal and to reach their health goals.


Themes addressed in Recall Healing®

  • Could illness be the brain’s ideal solution to help you survive a traumatic event?
  • Why am I sick and how can I encourage my recovery?
  • What is the emotional or psychological shock behind my illness or problematic behavior?
  • Possible solutions to resolve ongoing situations causing inner conflicts.
  • Why do my problems recur? Might it be Memorized Cellular Biological Cycles?
  • The “Project//Purpose” of my life programmed around conception and birth.
  • How does intra-uterine life affect your life or the life of your child?
  • The origin of certain learning difficulties and behavioral problems.
  • Trans-generational (biogeneological) memories and the effect on your health
  • The biological laws of Recall Healing that might be operating in your life.

To name just a few…


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