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Is IV Therapy A Good Weight Loss Treatment?

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At Kotsanis Institute of Functional Medicine in Grapevine, TX, we don’t believe there is a quick fix when it comes to our patient’s health and nutrition. Our team uses IV therapy for weight loss, chronic infections, cancer, energy, and dehydration. IV drip therapy for weight loss helps patients to lose weight by providing hydrating fluids and special vitamins to help boost a patient’s metabolism.

What is IV therapy for weight loss?

Intravenous therapy delivers fluid into the veins. At Kotsanis Institute, we believe this is the fastest way to deliver medication or blood products into the bloodstream. We give patients vitamins and minerals directly into the vein where they need it most, and to help it absorb the best. When you skip the digestive system, vitamins and minerals are absorbed better. We tailor every IV drip for each patient, depending on their health, their vitamin and mineral levels, and their medical history.

Benefits of IV therapy for weight loss

Our IV treatment for weight loss in Grapevine, TX helps patients burn fat. This treatment must be used with a healthy diet and exercise to be most effective. We use a combination of vitamins, minerals, and lipotropics that help accelerate the metabolism. Lipotropics are compounds that help the body to break down fat naturally, which helps you to burn calories much faster.

Not only does this IV therapy detoxify your body by removing heavy metals that cause cell damage, but it also boosts your metabolism. The damage it repairs ages your body and can significantly slow your metabolism, causing weight gain. Because of this, IV therapy is a good weight loss treatment for patients throughout Grapevine, TX.

An IV weight loss drip helps:

  • Give you more energy

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Burn fat faster

  • Support your circulation system

When this drip is combined with a healthy diet and exercise, you can lose weight fast.

What IV therapy for weight loss cannot do

During your consultation, our doctors can discuss what the benefits of IV therapy for weight loss are. They can also explain that this IV drip isn’t a healthy eating regimen replacement. It also can’t fix sedentary lifestyles or metabolic disorders. To get the biggest benefit from your IV weight loss drip in Grapevine, TX, you must live a healthy life. We can make lifestyle recommendations for our patients that help them to live more healthily and to ensure that their IV therapy is most beneficial for their health.

Improve your health with IV therapy for weight loss

When you’re looking to lose weight and jumpstart your metabolism, IV therapy can help. At Kotsanis Institute of Functional Medicine in Grapevine, TX, we offer IV therapies for those who have trouble losing weight even after maintaining a healthy diet and exercise. We recommend five consecutive treatments for the best benefits of IV therapy for weight loss. To learn more about IV therapy and how it can improve your health, call our Grapevine, TX office today to schedule an appointment.

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