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Grapevine, TX | Benefits of Cabbage | Kotsanis Institute

Cabbage is in season now and it has some surprising benefits.


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For some reason, cabbage is often forgotten in a list of health foods, but it's good every once in a while to remember that this humble vegetable is really quite good for you. To start off, it's really high in vitamin C, higher in fact than the ever popular orange. And that's really good as your body is headed into cold and flu season and your immune system's going to have to be on overdrive.

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Also related to the immune system is sulfur. Cabbage contains sulfur, and that helps your body to fight off infections, particularly in sores, either on your skin or even inside your body, maybe like ulcers. Cabbage also contains iodine, which is needed for the proper functioning of your brain and your nervous system. Add in vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and potassium, and you have a regular superfood on your hands.

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So cabbage, our quietly, powerful health food is going to be receiving some attention this week. I'm going to choose a recipe that will set cabbage off at its best and share that with you in the coming days. For more information on how nutrition can help your health, contact the Kotsanis institute at Thanks so much.